Repairing Cleansing. Repairs and gives hair an even structure. Ensures an easy combability.



Structure improving haircare cream. Makes hair supple to the touch. Effectively regenerates hair in just 30 seconds.



Ultimate repair. Repairs hair up to 100% after one application. Protects hair from further damage. For high damaged hair and medium to coarse hair.



Intensive regeneration treatment. Haircare with high repair effect. Repairs, nourishes and protects the damaged hair structure. Ensures good combability. Intensive haircare that penetrates fast and deep. Lightweight formula. Recommended for fine to normal hair.



Intensive regenerating personalized treatment. Adds an additional repair effect to any SP mask. Helps to protect the hair from further damage.


Perfect hair

Strengthens the hair and provides it with volume. Structuring care. Restructures the hair. Strengthens the hair. Gives protection from blow-drying heat.


Perfect ends

Hair lengths treatment. Seals split hair ends. Provides brilliant shine and suppleness.


Liquid hair

Refills the inner and outer hair fiber for lasting vitality and resilience where it is needed.

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