LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir 

System professional Luxe Oil uses a reconstructive Transform Technology that benefits hair inside and out, while protecting it from damage:

– Hair texture feels up to 10 times smoother after just one application.*
– 3 times more Keratin Protection, providing instant and long-lasting, smoothness.**
– Leaves hair looking healthy and naturally beautiful.
– Hair is easy to style every day, thanks to a special, lightweight oil formula.
* vs. low-conditioning shampoo
** vs. untreated hair


Find your personalised hair transformation

Find the right hair transformation for you, with SP LUXE OIL’s 8 amazing benefits.

For wet hair:
1. Smoothens: reconstructs and transforms hair texture instantly. After shampooing, apply 2–3 drops of SP LUXE OIL through the mid-lengths and ends. Hair quality feels instantly improved after just one application.
2. Softens: protects Keratin and provides long-lasting smoothness. Use SP LUXE OIL regularly and get up to 6 times smoother hair after 24 hours.*
3. Protects: creates an invisible hair shield. Work a small amount of SP LUXE OIL through damp hair, use a widetoothed comb to gently remove any tangles, and dry hair.
4. Defines: provides definition for curls and fine hair. Before drying, apply 2–3 drops to the hair and work outwards to define hair as desired, whether for curls or fine hair.

For dry hair:
5. Moisturises: as a pre-shampoo treatment. Divide the hair into sections, and apply 2–3 drops of SP LUXE OIL to the hair and scalp. Massage and leave in for 5–10 minutes. Comb through and then follow with SP Shampoo and Conditioner.
6. Smoothes: provides post-blowdry protection. To control dry, frizzy hair, apply a few drops of SP LUXE OIL after blowdrying. Reapply as needed.
7. Illuminates: creates beautiful shine. For ultimate shine, blend 2 drops of SP LUXE OIL and apply to damp hair before styling as usual.
8. Reconditions: treats hair overnight. Apply SP LUXE OIL evenly through the hair before going to bed. In the morning, either leave in or rinse out.
* vs. untreated hair
** vs. low-conditioning shampoo


LuxeOil keratin protect shampoo

This lightweight formula shampoo sets the foundation for a transforming hair service.
Application: Work evenly into damp hair. Perform the Shampoo Massage. Rinse thoroughly.


LuxeOil keratin restore mask

Reconstructs the hair fiber to improve hair texture and leave it soft to touch. Infused with a luxurious blend of Oils.
Application: As an express mask, apply for three minutes and then rinse. As an intense treatment, distribute evenly through pre-shampooed hair. Perform the System Professional Massage. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly. The care effect can be intensified with heat.
Tip: Add System Professional LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir for increased keratin reconstruction.


LuxeOil keratin boost essence

This luxurious leave-in Keratin treatment contains formula with oils and selected amino acids which boosts the hair structure from within. The treatment infuses into the hair to reconstruct and strengthen the keratin, instantly aligns hair fibers and builds resistance for weak hair.
Application: Spray 6-8 pumps on wet hair to facilitate easier combing. Ideal as a cutting lotion for hair that needs deep reconstruction. Do not rinse; dry as usual.


LuxeOil keratin boost essence

LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir for leaves hair feeling up to 10 times smoother*. Now available in 30 ml travel size to have amazing looking hair at all times.


LuxeOil light oil keratin protection spray

The lightest form of oil available, perfectly suited for finer hair. Leaves hair nourished and radiant with a non-greasy finish. Adds shine and a soft touch to the finished result. Instantly softens hair surface.
Application: Spray on dry hair for a perfect finish.


Luxeoil keratin conditioning cream

Immediately Protects and Softens Keratin.

Differentiation vs current LuxeOil Line Up:
– Instant caring results
– Rinse off application
– Daily usage possibility
– Integral part of Anti-Aging service as hair softening first step before
– Reconstructive Elixir & Liquid Hair.
– Available in sizes: OTC 200ml and ATB 1000ml


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