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Color protecting cleansing 3D technology. Ensures long lasting colour brilliance. Protects against colour fading and colour shifting. Brings conditioned feel back to coloured hair.



Color protecting conditioning through 3D technology. Ensures long lasting colour brilliance. Provides noticeable smoothness to coloured hair. Protect against colour fading and shifting.



Intensive color protecting treatment. Protection for long lasting colour freshness. Intensive protection against colour fading and colour shifting. Provides noticeable smoothness.



Color protecting customizable treatment. Adds longlasting colour protection to any SP mask.



Colour brilliance care treatment. Proven colour protection for beautiful shine.


Bi-Phase conditioner

The shampoo with Microlight 3D Complex gently cleanses coloured hair

– Protects the hair’s natural protein structure
– Ensures long lasting color brilliance
– The formula prevents against color fading, color shifting, and loss of freshness
– Brings a conditioned feel back to colored hair.
Sizes: 30, 250, 500, 1000ml with existing shampoo bottles/ tube



This light leave-in conditioner spray with Microlight 3D Complex contains a caring and protecting double phase formula.

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