After Sun


Gentle cleansing after sun exposure.Gently cleanses the hair and body after sunbathing to remove residue of sunscreen, salt and chlorine water. Improves comb-ability. Hair is moisturised and has more shine.


Immediate intensive conditioning.Maximum care for sun damaged hair.Provides intense repair and moisture.Gives the hair silky feel and shine. Improves comb-ability.



Long-lasting moisture for hair & skin.Intensive regeneration and care for skin and hair. Provides the hair and skin with intense moisture. Hair becomes smooth and easy to comb. Skin is soothed and moisturised. Long-lasting moisture for your hair & skin after sun exposure.

UV spray 

Protect from damaging effects of the sun and UV rays. Protect the hair from the innermost. Non greasy formula leaves hair looking natural. Water-resistant.

Sun concentrate

Daily UV protection. Adds UV protection when used daily with all SP Conditioners.Adds up to 10 hours UV protection in summer light. Protect hair colour from fading, shifting and increases colour freshness. Provides up to 40% increased colour freshness.

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