Joseph Brincat Celebrate 85 years

… of dedication to the beauty industry in Malta & Gozo with the sole aim of distributing and promoting the most sophisticated professional hair care brands in the world.

The 1930s saw the appointment of Joseph Brincat as the sole representative of the German company WELLA AG in the Maltese Islands. The Brincat family are considered to be the pioneers who had strengthened the hairdressing trade in Malta. Today, the company is still a family-run business, directed by Sam Cutajar and Alexander Camilleri. They are also aided by their descendants, all of whom take an active part in the daily business affairs of the company.

Joseph Brincat Ltd has always dedicated its total effort without limitation to build up an esteemed reputation and establish itself as an authority in the hairdressing trade on the Maltese Islands. It was through this constant dedication that the hairdressing trade in the Maltese islands was able to flourish and establish itself as a profession with which many today earn their livelihood. In view of this, the company has been acknowledged by an independent survey as market leader on the Maltese Islands and today is trusted among the players of the trade as a reputable and reliable company in the supply and support of its products and services. In recognition of these attributes the company has been awarded the seal of excellence in quality and value by the Superbrands Malta organisation. This organisation is dedicated to the men and women who build and protect the greatest brand assets in Malta.


The Wella Professional range of hair care products remains the backbone of Joseph Brincat Ltd. They are the suppliers of an array of world-renowned hair colour products, which include Koleston Perfect, Illumina, Colour Touch and Magma, all of which are specifically designed for the use of the salon hairdresser. In addition, one will find an array of care and styling products with System Professional as the most prestigious care brand which vow to treat any hair or scalp problem. Kadus Professional, a brand which was acquired by Wella in 1980, is also under the care of Joseph Brincat Ltd for the distribution of its products. Besides the production of innovative technical appliances, Kadus has developed top-quality colour, styling and hair care products for the professional market. The latest brand to be added to Joseph Brincat Ltd’s portfolio is Nioxin, a brand which uses advanced technology to deliver thicker, fuller and denser looking hair. Nioxin’s formula provides real solutions for pattern baldness.


Apart from the company’s market orientation towards the hairdressing sector, it is also responsible for the distribution of a range of skincare products which have been developed from the rejuvenating minerals of the Dead Sea. This is to meet the specific skin type needs of both men and women of all ages.

The company’s brand portfolio also features a number of other reputable brands, namely BMP, Euro So.Cap, Rolland and Nashi Argan. BMP are leading manufacturers of hairdressing equipment and salon furniture, while Euro So.Cap develop hair extensions and wigs in both real and synthetic hair. Rolland produces innovative, high performance consumer and professional cosmetics, including Colormode. This product is a hair colour which is ammonia-free and targets the consumer market. It is also available from selected pharmacies.

Nashi Argan is a simple, elegant and efficient line which satisfies the needs of women around the world in the maintenance of their hair. The products are based on certified argan oil extract which has been known for its high efficiency for many years, and the range’s products offer solutions to all hair types by achieving the best possible results.

Keratin treatment has become the main choice for hair-smoothing processes which leave your hair frizz-free for weeks. It is a revolutionary process which softens, shines, straightens and strengthens hair. It penetrates the hair and repairs internal damage, coating it and preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky and straight hair. It is not a chemical that restructures, but a replenishing treatment that reconditions and offers protection from water and heat damage whilst enhancing your hair’s natural shine. Voted the best Keratin treatments of the year, Keratherapy’s range of treatments are also part of Joseph Brincat Ltd’s brand portfolio.

Having the right flat iron is essential for every professional hair stylist, and so we’ve assessed the flat iron market to present our professional styling artists with nothing but the best. The award winning Cloude Nine Iron range gives you control and confidence. If you’re looking for smooth, straight and sleek looks, or waves, curls, and accents, the Cloude Nine Irons empower your styling techniques.


The company is fully committed to furthering the education of the sector’s members. In view of this and the fast advancements of technology, Joseph Brincat Ltd has set up its own school within its studio in Sliema, where it also supports professional hairdressers with continuous demonstrations and training sessions for the proper use of the latest products. Its dedication to education is also extended to those who wish to learn the trade at the most professional level. The Wella School for Hairdressing is committed to providing students with a solid educational foundation, preparing them for a fulfilling career in the world of beauty. The company also takes the initiative in helping established hairdressers as artists and specialists in their trade by exposing them to international seminars, which are held in different parts of the world from time to time.
Joseph Brincat Ltd aims to aid, maintain and protect the image of its brands and to push forward the quality and strength of its products in the world market through an unbeatable professional service. Joseph Brincat Ltd’s mission is to nurture fresh talent and encourage aspiring hairdressers by identifying their capabilities, and to help them fulfill their true artistic potential. It is a strong believer in honesty, without which it would not be able to retain its market leadership.