Try eimi to texturize, ruffle and fix with sprays, waxes, pomades and gels.

Texture touch

Reworkable matte clay.

Hold level 2

Rework your style throughout the day with this matte defining clay. Formulated with minerals and beeswax for hold and flexibility.

How to use: Rub a small amount in your palms until evenly distributed, then sculpt into dry hair. Shape and rework as often as you want.


Grip cream

Styling gel.

Hold level 3

Create and manipulate distinctive styles with definition on long or short hair with this soft texture cream. Formulated with brazilian carnauba wax for strong yet flexible support.

How to use: Rub a small amount in your hands until evenly distributed. Apply on dry hair through the mid-lengths and ends to tame, separate and shape your style.


Ocean spritz

Salt spray for beachy texture.

Hold level 2

Create undone beachy texture with this natural mineral salt spray that helps protect hair against dehydration and uv damage.

How to use: Spray into dry or slightly damp hair, then scrunch or shape your beach style using your fingers. For even more chunky texture, blow dry after shaping.

Bold move

Matte texturising paste.

Hold level 2

Create casually textured styled with this light hold matte paste. Formulated with brazilian carnauba wax.

How to use: Rub a small amount in hands, then manipulate into dry hair to design your desired shape.


Shape shift

Moulding gum with shine finish.

Hold level 2

Create defined or disheveled looks with this elastic moulding gum that adds shine and uv protection.

How to use: Use a generous amount, work between your fingers, then sculpt your hair to shape, define or dishevel your style.

Pearl styler

Styling gel.

Hold level 3

Create strong flexible hold and teasable texture with pearl gloss shine. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of uv.

How to use: Distribute 1-2 pumps into your palms, then work into dry hair to texturize or tousle your style. For extra lift in short hair, work into wet hair and blow dry.

Rugged texture

Matte texturizing paste.

Hold level 3

Texturize your look with this matte paste to give your hair a rugged effect with strong definition.

How to use: Manipulate with your palms into dry hair to shape and texturise rugged looks with a matte finish.


Sculpt force

Extra strong flubber gel.

Hold level 4

Get creative with expressive shaping on rock solid styles and high definition shine. Formulated to help protect hair against the effects of uv.

How to use: Squeeze into palms to immediately shape your style, working into dry hair with this fast-dry formula. For piecey definition or wetlook, apply to wet hair and let air dry.

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