Service support

Third and last stage of styling to be used once hair is dry to finish and embellish the style.

Service perm pre-treatment

Prepares the hair for perm application and helps to protect it from damage. Supports even wave formation from root to tip and smoothens hair fibers by balancing porosity.

Volume: 18 ml

How to use: Apply overfull head or to more porous parts of the hair prior to perm service. After perm application follow with perm post treatment.

Perm post-treatment

Neutralizes oxidation and helps to remove chemical residues from perms. Develops in 5 minutes.

Volume: 1000 ml

How to use: Apply to damp hair, leave for 3-5 min, rinse. Follow with Enrich range.


Skin protection cream

A formula that is easy to both apply and remove, and that helps protect the skin from colour absorption.

Volume: 75 ml

How to use: Apply to the hairline before colour service, after colour service wipe away before shampooing.

Colour stain remover

Helps to remove semi-, demi- and permanent hair colour stains.

Volume: 150 ml

How to use: If colour absorption has occurred to skin, apply from cotton wool pad on affected areas. Can be used also directly after colour application to remove colour excess from skin. Do not spray/apply directly on skin.


Colour Post-Treatment

Lightweight after-colour treatment that protects and enhances semi-, demi- and permanent colour results. Develops in 5 minutes. should be followed by a conditioner or treatment.

Volume: 1000 ml

How to use: Use immediately after hair colouring or straightening service. Let develop for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Universal Thickener

How to use: Add the universal thickener into the ”ready to use“ mixture to change the consistency of the colour mass. 2–3 drops with Koleston Perfect, 5–6 drops with Color Touch. Mix thoroughly.

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