Color.ID (additive)

Free your mind. Colour with intuition. brings you a world without colour limitations, where creativity is set free. For the first time ever, place color next to colour without bleeding*, without foils:

– Our most intuitive colouring approach

– New blended results: soft transitions even of contrasting tones*

– A captivating client experience: 98% of clients who had a service would ask for it again**

– Upgraded colour service in a standard appointment time

* shades of up to 3 levels of depth apart. Exception: not recommended when using extreme tonal differences such as vibrant reds and blondes.
** based on consumer survey carried out in salons in Germany and the us with 63 respondents in 2012


Mixing recommendation: Add only to Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color, with Welloxon Perfect, for the colour results you love.

Mixing ratio:

– Color + Welloxon Perfect + additive
– 10 : 10 : 1 for Koleston Perfect base shades and Illumina Color
– 10 : 20 : 2 for Koleston Perfect special blonde shades



Apply to dry hair with the spatulas and sculpt the colour by hand in any way, shape or direction, to get a uniquely designed multi-tonal colour result without using foils or other separators. can be used to blend one colour harmoniously next to another. To achieve this effect:

– Apply colour to the root area only, then apply another colour to the mid lengths through to the ends ensuring there is no space between the two colours; and/or

– Apply colours side by side, starting with one colour on one strand/section, then another colour on the strand/section next to it. Sculpt and place strands/sections as you like for development time.

Development time as per usual instructions for use for Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color, with or without heat.

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