Magnify style & color and add extra shine to the hair.


Anti-frizz serum

Satin is a professional anti-frizz serum, which:

– Contains 3d-sculpt™ micro-polymers, rich (silicone) oils, and panthenol.

– Is richly concentrated yet light enough to be used even on fine hair.

– Smoothens the cuticle surface.

– Aligns the hair fibres for shine.

– Locks in moisture and fights frizz.

Application: Spray lightly onto dry hair from a distance of approximately 30cm

Hold level: No hold



Shine spray

Sparkle is a professional shine spray, which:

– Provides vivid brilliance and exceptional shine and is light enough to give that perfect finishing shine for all hair types without overloading the hair.

– Contains uv-absorbers.

Application: Spray lightly onto dry hair from a distance of approximately 30cm.

Hold level: No hold



Shine cream

Polish is a professional shine cream, which:

– Creates silky feeling hair without overloading it.

– Provides luminous shine with its rich moisturizing formula.

– Protects the hair form the heat.

– Washes out easily. Contains UV-absorbers.

Application: To create a high shine, smooth finish work a small amount into your hands and apply to the surface of dry or slightly damp hair.

Hold level: No hold

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