Permanent Color

For professionals only.



Extra Rich Crème Permanent Color with Vitaflection Microspheres for younger looking hair, vibrant colour and long-lasting results.


Up to 100% grey coverage & long lasting results

The Vitaflection Microspheres are 1000 times smaller than a hair fiber allowing them to penetrate deep into the hair where they lock together for long lasting results.


Conditioning for a smooth hair result and lipid-enriched formula for exceptional shine

Our lipid-enriched extra rich crème leaves the hair smooth and shiny for exceptional shine


Even coverage and color to the core

500 trillion Vitaflection Microspheres that are 1000 times smaller than a hair fiber penetrate the hair


Lock-In and Vibrant Shine

Vitaflection Microspheres couple and lock inside the hair. Waxes and lipids leave the hair smooth and shiny

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